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Unforgettable Experiences

Hema grinding Barli 18-08-2014
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Ana -Portugal.2


Beginning of R.O.S.E.

It was June 1988 when I participated in a workshop where I met some foreign visitors looking for a host family. August the same year I hosted eight international volunteers from different nations. They participated in 15 days home stay, cultural exchange and social & rural development work camps. That was my first experience and it was very successful. My family and the whole community gave the visitors a warm welcome. The community and youth of Kanda participated and my family was very cooperative with hosting the international volunteers, who adjusted very well to our family life.

-Jeevan Verma

Anna Cofia, Slovakia

"I got to see how local people in rural areas live ,how hard their lifestyle are and understand more their culture."

Deepak Maniku, Nagpur

"We enjoy morning walk and morning tea. You all are very cooperative & we happily enjoyed staying here."

Sebastian Kuruvilla, Kerala

“I recommend this organisation to the students & faculties all over the world especially in the field of sustainability and responsible tourism.”

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